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Try asking this question from people in the self-driving industry.

You will not get an answer.

I’ve seen brilliant academics and entrepreneurs start companies just to answer this question.

AV developers themselves have been scrambling to earn public’s trust by publishing safety reports, see Waymo, Lyft, Aurora, Cruise, TuSimple.

The auto insurance industry, which makes money in risk/safety, has been debating the impact for years and their research shows that only 30% of crashes will be eliminated when all vehicles on the road are self-driving

Self-driving R&D v. commercialization

Because the initial R&D efforts started out of Google’s self-driving…

This time, Lyft L5 is acquired by Toyota group

It is mind blowing how fast the AV industry is moving. From the consumer point of view, it may feel like self-driving cars are taking forever, but behind the scenes, the positive energy and determination of the people developing the technology is driving the industry forward. The motivation for many is safer mobility, one that doesn’t mean lives lost on the road everyday.

This map of AV industry from 2017 looks so outdated.


A lot of new activity and consolidation has happened since this map was published by David Silver. …

An empirical take

Source: Science

The first time you experience Autopilot in a Tesla or ride in a test vehicle developed by one of the technology developers, you have made a decision to trust the system.

To make this feeling more pronounced, ask yourself this question: how would you feel the first time you let your teenager drive a Tesla in Autopilot mode?

Or: would you step in front of an autonomous vehicle with no human behind the wheel?

At Collisure, we’ve been asking ourselves and our driver members these questions for some time. …

Insuring accidents needs accident data

Source: BBC

With the invention of the automobile in the late 19th century came the inevitable side effect of automobile collisions. New car owners were free to drive their cars around with no insurance and victims were left to their own devices to recover damages. In the UK, the 1930 Road Traffic Act made car insurance mandatory. In the US, apart from Massachusetts, this came a lot later. New York legislature passed their compulsory car insurance law in 1956. Many other states followed with no such requirement in New Hampshire to date!

With the invention of self-driving (semi or fully automated), the…

Mega deals and automotive sensing startups


The automated driving market is unique. With no widely-available commercial product in the market yet, investors are still investing billions of dollars into the promise of this life-changing technology. There are lots of developers, PoCs and products but no actual service is being provided to consumers or businesses except in limited numbers and areas.

Morgan Stanley projects that the benefits of automated driving (safer roads, cleaner environment and more productive trips in vehicles) could be worth as much as $1.3 trillion a year for the US economy.

Financial activity

In a previous post in July, I covered the financial activity in H1…

Our commitment to happiness at work leads to great products


The computer-animated fantasy Soul, beautifully displays the concept of working in the Zone, that special place which can only be understood when experienced.

I’ve been thinking about ways to create a startup culture where getting in the zone becomes easier. When I invest in early stage startups, I work with entrepreneurs who want to build their own startup cultures. We discuss topics such as purpose and happiness at work which usually lead to meaningful conversations with CEOs and their teams. We talk about the concepts of being in the zone, conscious leadership and being open, curious and committed to learning.

But there will be a transition period

The interior of the Lloyd’s of London, source

The era of modern insurance began in the 17th century when London’s importance as a trade center led to increasing demand for ship and cargo insurance. Edward Lloyd’s coffee house became recognized as the place to go for marine information and soon for insurance, too — and it’s here that the Lloyd’s we know today began. The journey from a coffee house to this is a truly fascinating one!

Peter Diamandis mentions this history in his recent article about the future of insurance: “The bankers who frequented Lloyd’s were willing to collect premiums in exchange for taking shipping risks. They…

Major news and developments in October


In this series, we’ll provide updates on the major news and developments in the world of automated driving safety. Feel free to send me your comments or point me to relevant news to be featured in the next post.

There were three major updates in October:

  1. Tesla released a beta version of its full-self-driving (FSD). Tesla owners who paid for the FSD capability have been waiting for this moment for some time. This is also a major milestone for the industry as it is the first time that individuals can own a self-driving car. However, the feature is still in…

Rethinking the future of driving and road safety


Ever since my first venture in 2013 in the fast-growing smartphone market, I have been looking for a similarly large and innovative market. Recently, I helped a startup working on autonomous vehicles and realized how the changes in the mobility market will impact our lives dramatically to give us cleaner air, safer roads, and more efficient transportation.

ACES trend (automated, connected, electrified and shared)

These benefits are the result of four major trends which have made Uber and Tesla, two leaders in shared and electrified vehicles, household brands.

Collisure: automated driving safety

More work is needed to make drivers, vehicles, and roads safer and avoid road fatalities. Fully automated vehicles should…

Major news and developments in August

In this new series, we’ll provide frequent updates on the major news and developments in the world of automated driving safety. Feel free to send me your comments or upcoming news to be featured in the next post.

There were three major updates in August:

  1. Tesla’s self-reported vehicle safety reports. This shows the number of miles between accidents in Autopilot decreased QoQ from 4.68m to 4.53m. In this report Tesla voluntarily releases quarterly safety data in order to provide critical safety information about their vehicles to the public.
  2. UberATG released an enhanced version of their Safety Case Framework. This report…

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