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I love meeting new people, making new friends and listening to their success stories and struggles, especially entrepreneurs. …

Bad strategy is worse than not having one

By September 1997, Apple was two months away from bankruptcy due to bad strategy, complex product line and unproductive R&D efforts.

Steve Jobs returns to apple as interim CEO!

He did three things:

  1. Cut Apple back to a core that could survive
  2. Talked Bill Gates into investing in Apple exploiting…

Consumption will never lift a country’s growth rate

While hiking the BCMC trail yesterday, I had a great discussion with my fellow hikers around production, consumption, China’s policy on the consumer internet sector and the kind of investments that pay off over the long term, and not just the typical 10-year VC fund cycle.

Since the abandoned Ant…

Major news and developments

In this series, we’ll provide updates on the major news and developments in the world of automated driving safety. Please comment below if there’s something you want to add.

These were the major updates in H1 2021:

  • The most important piece of news for me is NHTSA’s new requirements for…

TuSimple’s fresh produce delivery

Try asking this question from people in the self-driving industry.

How safe is safe enough?

You will not get an answer.

I’ve seen brilliant academics and entrepreneurs start companies just to answer this question.

AV developers themselves have been scrambling to earn public’s trust by publishing safety reports, see Waymo

This time, Lyft L5 is acquired by Toyota group

It is mind blowing how fast the AV industry is moving. From the consumer point of view, it may feel like self-driving cars are taking forever, but behind the scenes, the positive energy and determination of the people developing the technology is driving the industry forward. …

An empirical take

The first time you experience Autopilot in a Tesla or ride in a test vehicle developed by one of the technology developers, you have made a decision to trust the system.

To make this feeling more pronounced, ask yourself this question: how would you feel the first time you let…

Insuring accidents needs accident data

With the invention of the automobile in the late 19th century came the inevitable side effect of automobile collisions. New car owners were free to drive their cars around with no insurance and victims were left to their own devices to recover damages. In the UK, the 1930 Road Traffic…

Mega deals and automotive sensing startups

The automated driving market is unique. With no widely-available commercial product in the market yet, investors are still investing billions of dollars into the promise of this life-changing technology. …

Our commitment to happiness at work leads to great products

The computer-animated fantasy Soul, beautifully displays the concept of working in the Zone, that special place which can only be understood when experienced.

I’ve been thinking about ways to create a startup culture where getting in the zone becomes easier. When I invest in early stage startups, I work with…

Mohsen Khalkhali

Humbled by #PaleBlueDot. Simplifying road safety @collisure Proud supporter of Iranian entrepreneurs @gex_vc

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