Autonomous vehicles on rural roads

Mohsen Khalkhali
1 min readAug 3, 2022

I’m on vacation in Europe and a major question friends are asking me is how will AVs navigate narrow and complex rural roads such as those found in many old European villages? Even human drivers find driving in these environments difficult and have to make many judgement calls, so how will artificial intelligence handle this type of driving in the future?

Is the answer teaching cars by driving test AVs through these types of streets over and over? I highly doubt it. There must be a way to take learnings from drivers of today and translate them to what robo-drivers of tomorrow will need. This requires willingness to collaborate and a solid infrastructure for continuous updates to complex driving situations.

Stay tuned for more on this. This is a short post and food for thought. I’m working with a fantastic team on a solution to address these challenges for developers of AVs and will share more details soon.

This is a post about global entrepreneurship and the future of self-driving technology. We are building solutions for the self-driving industry and will share more details soon.