Human v. AI writing

Mohsen Khalkhali
3 min readJun 5, 2023

I am a big fan of consistency as a way of creating long-term habits. I got into creative writing in 2015 and have kept up the consistency of the practice. I fixed the 3rd of each month as the date that I’ll be writing and publishing an article no matter what. I even published a (short) article while on my honeymoon!

However, with the recent advances in how naturalistic LLMs have become, I’ve found myself hesitant to write for the sake of consistency (the reason why this article is 2 days late). As an obvious first step I turned to chatGPT and another AI for initial thoughts on whether they are replacements or compliments of my writing. After a bit of back and forth, here’s the resulting article.

Of the 5 points, the ethics part resonated the most with me. Which point resonates the most with you?

The text below is AI generated, human edited:

In recent years, the rapid progress of artificial intelligence has undeniably transformed various industries, including the realm of writing. As an avid writer, I find myself questioning the role of human creativity and expression in a world increasingly dominated by AI-generated content. This article aims to shed light on the areas where human writing can continue to distinguish itself.

  1. Emotion, Empathy, and Storytelling: One aspect where human writing stands out is its…