Self-driving industry consolidation

This time, Lyft L5 is acquired by Toyota group

Mohsen Khalkhali


It is mind blowing how fast the AV industry is moving. From the consumer point of view, it may feel like self-driving cars are taking forever, but behind the scenes, the positive energy and determination of the people developing the technology is driving the industry forward. The motivation for many is safer mobility, one that doesn’t mean lives lost on the road everyday.

This map of AV industry from 2017 looks so outdated.


A lot of new activity and consolidation has happened since this map was published by David Silver. Last week, Toyota Woven Planet announced acquiring Lyft Level 5 which marks the continuation of the consolidation story in the AV industry.

From the press release: “Woven Planet is a subsidiary of Toyota dedicated to developing autonomous driving and other advanced mobility technologies. In addition to the acquisition of Level 5, Woven Planet and Lyft have signed commercial agreements for the utilization of Lyft system and fleet data to accelerate the safety and commercialization of the automated-driving vehicles that Woven Planet will develop.”

I’ve been following the financial activities in the automated driving industry and will continue to publish updates in that series.

Company (Acquirer(Parent)):

Lyft Level 5 (Woven Planet Toyota))

Some of the other recent consolidation stories are:

  1. Zoox (Amazon)
  2. Uber ATG (Aurora)
  3. Voyage (Cruise (GM))

On a similar note, if you want to listen to a recent conversation (May 2, 2021) with some of the people leading three of the AV players still standing strong, have a listen to this.

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